Doors Riders On The Storm

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Текст песни

Hey yo Jim man why don't ya, you don't you kick some of that
You know, you know how you do it man
It's a trip people don't even believe were together right now (wow) but tell
your story you know the one I like say it for me (Ride, ride, ride)
Riders on the storm (Ride, ride, ride)
Riders on the storm (Ride, ride, ride)
Into this house we're born (Into this house we're born)
Into this world we're thrown (Into this world we're thrown)
Like a dog without a bone (Like a dog without a bone)
An actor out on loan (An actor out on loan)
Riders on the storm (Ride, ride, ride)
There's a killer on the road (Killer, Murder)
His brain is squirmin' like a toad
Take a long holiday (holidays, holidays)
Let your children play (play)
If ya give this man a ride
Sweet memory will die (Die)
Killer on the road, yeah (Killer, Murder)
Goin' off of this off of that with the Lizard king
Bumpin' in the back (wow) how bout that (yeah)
Driftin', Liftin', Swiftin', coastin', testaroastin'
But the wheels won't stop 200 (errrr) on the highway fresh
Up off the block he's a rider, na he's a killer dresses in all black
But his hat says stealla (stealla)
Petal to the metal I gotta go hard
Drive by and say hello hey Fredwreck you my mello now let me
here what I sound like acapella (shhh) wow ride dip swish now
bring it back just like this like a dog with out his bone unlike
a G with out his chrome it's hard to imagine the homey dog in a
jag and he's checkin' for the checkered flag comin' in first never
In last cause my car to fast (zoom, zoom) I neva eva run out of
gas cause I just to clean I do it upper class so fasten your seat
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